CRTL 2008 Candidate Questionnaire

Colorado RTL, the largest pro-life organization in the state, has just moved our office across the street from the Capitol. Please consider your responses to the questions below and then mail your answers back to us at 1535 Grant Street, Suite 303, 80203. We will mail voter guides out to registered pro-lifers and post the results of our candidate questionnaires online at We would like to hear from you before your constituents vote at the Assembly, so they will benefit from our Pro-life Voters' Guide. The time is short, so please respond as soon as possible. We hope you will answer "Yes" to each of the following fundamental moral questions. Thanks!

Candidate Name: _______________________; Party: ______________________

Office Sought: __________________________

1.  Do you advocate that the government uphold the God-given, inalienable Right to Life for the unborn?

2.  Do you agree that abortion is always wrong, even when the baby's father is a criminal (a rapist)? [See life-of-the mother note below.]

3.  Do you support the 2008 Colorado Personhood amendment effort to define "person" to include any human being from the moment of fertilization?

Colo RTL Thanks Caucus Goers!

Colorado Right To Life thanks all pro-lifers who went to our 2008 state caucus. We've heard from our members who went and gathered many personhood petition signatures, from those who introduced and passed personhood resolutions...

CRTL on Birth Control in Godless Schools

A local TV news report regards a Denver Public School proposal to distribute birth control and the morning after pill to high school students:

Denver's CBS affiliate News 4 reporter Raj Chohan: Not everyone agrees. Groups like Colorado Right to Life strongly oppose the plan, and believe it will send a wrong message to kids in high risk communities.

Bob Enyart, CRTL: A Denver Public School is a good place to send your daughter to become sexually active. Now, the task force wants to make it more efficient, condoms to the boys, abortion pills to your daughter, get her ready for the next guy to use her. It's called godless education.

2007 CRTL Banquet

Following our 40th commemoration of America's first abortion law, don't miss our CRTL Annual Banquet and one of the nation's most passionate speakers for righteousness and legal protection of human life from the moment of fertilization...

CRTL President on Crosstalk Radio

CRTL President, Brian Rohrbough, was recently interviewed on the Crosstalk radio program.

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