Press Conference Announcing Colorado's 2010 Personhood Initiative


For Immediate Release:

29 June 2009
Denver, June 29, 2009 -- Colorado Right To Life and Personhood USA will submit language for a new Personhood initiative to the Colorado Legislative Council Staff on Thursday, July 2, 2009, marking the beginning of the 2010 Colorado Personhood Initiative. The state's largest pro-life organization joins with...

CRTL on 9News Exposing Cruelty of Embryonic Research

On Denver's NBC News affiliate, 9News, Colorado RTL urges everyone to protect the tiniest kids from lethal research

9News Excerpts: Congresswoman Diana DeGette opposed the federal funding restrictions of embryonic stem cell research put in place by President George W. Bush. Neither Obama's nor Bush's plan sits well with Colorado Right to Life.

"Tragically, Barack Obama is giving us more of the same. Bush funded embryonic research. Obama is funding it more," said Colorado Right to Life spokesperson...

Title Board OKs CO Personhood Amendment Text

Update: See also
Denver Post: "Colorado 'Personhood' proposal's 2010 ballot title approved," which reporter Lynn Bartels concludes with this from CRTL's vice president Leslie Hanks, "Since our so-called trouncing, 25 other states are pursuing this, so, yes, we are optimistic," Hanks said.

CRTL's Press Release:

Colorado Secretary of State’s Title Board Unanimously Approves
Proposed 2010 Personhood Amendment Language

Denver, Colorado - The offices of the Colorado Attorney General, The Secretary of State, and Legislative Legal Services voted 3-0 that the proposed 2010 Personhood Amendment meets the required single subject rule and also voted 3-0 that the language is not misleading. Personhood Colorado director Gualberto Garcia Jones J.D. and Colorado Right To Life vice president Leslie Hanks explained the difference between the 2008 Personhood Amendment and this year's...

Federal court to send mom to forced sterilization

The headline, "Mom to 4 U.S. citizens ordered to forced sterilization. 10th Circuit ruling sends woman on path to Chinese fines, jail" ran on World Net Daily December 3rd, thanks to breaking Xiu's story and the quick follow up by Colorado Right to Life and World Net Daily journalist Bob Unruh.  

For a sample letter you can write on behalf of Xiu Mei Wei and for more of the story, click below on Read more...
To hear interviews with her, listen to:
Denver's Jay Marvin (forward to 15 minutes in) at AM 760 KKZN,
and Bob Enyart on AM 670 KLTT.

Xiu's story: Xiu Mei Wei (Shoe Way May) was engaged to a man in China...

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