Republican Candidate Bob Schaffer in the Twilight Zone

Here is the Twilight Zone interview with 'pro-life' Republican U.S.

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Dr. Keyes on KHOW

Alan Keyes with Kevin Swanson

Colorado RTL Newsletter Jan-Mar 2007

Message from the President

The Battle Cry

I was recently flying with my daughter Rachael. We were on our way to Alabama where we would be speaking at several pro-life events. While traveling I thought about a radio show that I co-hosted eighteen months ago. The regular host was out of town and he asked me and another person to fill in.

We were talking about the topic of the day. My co-host was describing some recent events and we were discussing them. As we talked I asked her, "do you ever cry." I will never forget how she began to weep. What the audience heard was nothing compared to what I witnessed. Through the rest of the show the tears ran down her face.

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