Statement of Values

Colorado Right To Life commits to never compromise on God’s law, "Do not murder." This includes never supporting any legislation that condones any abortion and/or can be interpreted to conclude, "and then you can intentionally kill the baby, the handicapped, or the elderly." Every human being has a God-given right to life from the beginning of that person's biological development through natural death, regardless of their perceived value to society or perceived capacity to contribute to that society.

Colorado RTL understands there are no exceptions which would allow for the intentional killing of an innocent human life. We recognize that in some circumstances, the mother’s life and/or the baby’s life will be in danger. Under those circumstances, those responsible must make every legitimate effort to save the life of both mother and child. Adopted unanimously by the CRTL Board of Directors, 1/13/2007

Pastor Biff Gore is the president of Colorado Right To Life, and our vice president is Susan Sutherland. Please contact us to get involved in the fight to stop the killing of innocent children!